Bringin’ this Puppy Back Online

Yeah, it’s kinda tough to keep a consistent schedule for blogging. But hey.. .could be worse.

This time around? I’m gonna see about focusing my lights on Gaming. Specifically, of the Pen and Paper Role-Playing variety. A while back, I asked a Skype chat that I’m a part of to give me some writing ideas for Plot Point Campaigns*. Boy… did they ever deliver.

Now that I’ve hammered out a fair chunk of at least one of these ideas, and having promised to share, I figured I’d better find a way to publish these ideas.

I got to thinking… don’t I have a blog that I started but never really got to doing anything with?

So here we go. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably still post a snarky rant or two here and there… but this place is mostly for Pen and Paper RPGs.

*What are Plot Point Campaigns? I’m glad you asked. The explanation can be found here at Pinnacle Entertainment’s Website. For those too lazy to read, a Plot Point Campaign is basically a complete setting with an overarching story that still gives GMs and players enough leeway to tell the kind of stories they want.


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