Equilibrium 3A: Setting Rules

Okay, so here’s the Setting Rules, including two optional rules (simply for giving out Bennies), and a few, “Non-Negotiables.” I was originally planning to make ‘Corruption’ a mechanic for people playing Angels or Demons… but it just seemed way too convoluted, so I just did something simpler and adjusted how Mutations work in this game compared to Hell on Earth.

“Equilibrium,” is sticking around, though… mostly because the Setting Rule is sort of the setting Basis (basically, SPOILER ALERT, a massive “Equilibrium” Incident was what happened at the Battle of Armageddon), and it’s also very relevant to a particular group’s goals.


**Optional Rules**
These Setting Rules are optional. You should include these when you either have trouble giving out Bennies, or just want them to keep flowing.

“Joker’s Wild” – Anytime a PC draws a Joker in Combat, all the PCs get a Benny. This road goes both ways, though… so if a non-friendly NPC gets a Joker, then the GM gets a Benny.

“Benny for your Hindrance?” – If a PC role-plays their Hindrances in such a way it’s inconvenient to them, you should give them a Benny. Of course, this can lead to a little problem called, “Hindrance-Milking,” but if a player wants to string themselves up for a shiny little token… hey, it’s their funeral.

**Mandatory Rules**

“Micromanaging Not Needed” – You don’t have to worry about mundane equipment. Unless it’s narratively relevant, it can be safely assume that you have the bare essentials. You should still keep track of things like Ammunition and Power Points, however.

“Scavenging (Hell on Earth)” – The rules for Scavenging are in play here

“Mutations (Hell on Earth)” – Mutation works a little differently here…
-You cannot die from mutation. Instead of death when you draw a 2, you just have to draw two cards and take both Mutations instead (for good or ill).
-You must keep track of how many Mutations you have overall. If this amount ever exceeds 2 + half your Spirit Die, you can no longer withstand the effects of the Radiation on your body and mind, becoming a Feral Mutant (thus an NPC under the GM’s control)
-To offset this, Mutations can be cleansed via the Healing and Greater Healings powers. The person must make an Arcane Skill roll at a penalty equal to the number of Mutations the recipient has (Greater Healing makes the same roll at no penalty whatsoever). For a success, and every Raise thereafter, you remove a Mutation. Keep in mind, this starts with the most recent mutations received, so it doesn’t discriminate between, “Beneficial,” and, “Harmful,” mutations.

“Equilibrium” – Whenever a Mutant Angel and a Mutant Demon get near each other, there’s always a risk of something called, “Equilibrium,” occurring. Basically, they each have to make a Vigor Roll every round that they’re melee range of each other. Should one of them fail, a Holy/Unholy/Radioactive explosion occurs centering on the combatants, dealing damage equal to 2d10 + the Number of Mutations each character has. The size of this explosion is equal to double a Large Burst Template (so 12″ in Diameter). This also forces people in the Blast Radius to make a Vigor roll or undergo a Mutation. This also counts as a Heavy Weapon, should such consideration be necessary.


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