Equilibrium 4A: Major Players

Been a while since the last update on Equilibrium… so I figured I’d share a bit about some of the major players: The Neo United Nations, Humanity’s Legion, The Manachaen Brotherhood, and the Heavenly Hosts/Sons of Sulfur all play a role in the Post-Armageddon world.


**The Neo United Nations**
Main Location: New York City, NY
Led by: Thomas Rolfe
Angel/Demon Relations: Jaella (Angel), Rosh’ La (Demon), and Nicholai Farrel (Human)

Originally, the United Nations was disbanded during the events of Armageddon, but they decided to reform themselves after Equilibrium. Currently, they have three goals:
“Unite the Settlements” – Earth has become a chaotic, unstable place. The Neo UN wants to peacefully unite what’s left of Humans, Angels and Demons. To this end, they’ve created an emmisarial task force to dispense aid throughout the world.
“Exact Justice” – The Neo-UN wants to see the warmongers still roaming the earth held accountable for all the suffering and death they continue to cause.
“Repair the Earth” – To restore the Earth to it’s former glory is a foolish pipe dream… but that doesn’t mean that a little “Tender Loving Care,” can’t be administered to make things bearable. The Neo-UN has discovered a potential means to drain the Radiation from the Earth, and some of their top scientists have been working on a filtration project to make the tainted water drinkable.

GM’s Notes: There’s a few bumps in the road here… For starters? The UN has been infiltrated by members of Humanity’s Legion. These operatives are there to not only torpedo public relations between Humans/Angels/Demons, but to exterminate any Supernatural Entities they come across (especially the PR reps).
Not only that… but their water filtration project has a pair of saboteurs in the form of two of the Four Horsemen: Pestilence and Famine.

**Humanity’s Legion**
Main Location: Moscow, Russia
Led By: Vladimir Soldado
You know that Nuke that caused the first Equilibrium incident and took out God and Satan? Yeah… these jackasses are the ones who launched it. These guys are humanists of the worst kind, believing that mankind should have nothing to do with the Supernatural and it should be destroyed. Their leader, Vlad Soldado, is a defected Russian Super-Soldier who will stop at nothing to purge Earth of those, ‘winged/horned parasites.’

GM’s Notes: Given the true nature of Vlad’s super-soldier enhancements… his Anti-Supernat stance is ironic. See, early on in Armageddon, the horseman of War got his ass handed to him through a combination of sheer luck and anti-supernatural weaponry. He was drained of his power and said power was fragmented and grafted into specially selected soldiers. He’s got a little voice in his head telling him to unite the other fragments, but we’ll find out a bit more about that when I get around to working out the Plot Point Campaign.

**The Manachaen Brotherhood**
Main Location: Lost Island of Patmos
Led by: Lazarus “The Beloved” Johnson
After God and Lucifer went kablooey during Armageddon, I’d be euphemizing if I said there was a crisis of faith. Everyone, common man and scholar alike, began contemplating what happened, searching through texts, even haggling the finer points of Soiterology when they got bored. One thing that seems to have stuck was the ancient idea of Manichaeism. To describe it real simply: The Universe has both Good and Evil within, and we must set the Good- spiritual- things free by destroying the Evil- physical- things of the world. They believed that what took place at the Battle of Armageddon was merely a shadow of what is to come: The Earth must be purged of all evil by more instances of Equilibrium. To do this, they seek to irradiate as many Celestials and Infernals as possible, triggering more Equilibrium incidents to cleanse the whole world, freeing the Spiritual Good from it’s Evil Material Shackles.

GM’s Note: You read that right, under ‘Led By’… The Manachaen Brotherhood is spearheaded by none other than the original Beloved Apostle from the first Century. As luck would have it, when ol’ Lazarus got raised from the dead the first time it had an enduring side effect of making him effectively immortal. See, he’s been wandering around the Earth for the last couple millennia preaching, teaching, and aiding people in need. However, between over two thousand years of suffering and witnessing the Equilibrium Incident, the poor sod became unglued from the inside out. After a decade of searching and meditation, he embraced his own revised version of the old heresy of Manichaeism: “The True God has not returned; not until the Earth has been purged of Evil- that is, the physical and material- shall He return.”

**The Heavenly Hosts/Sons of Sulfur**
Main Location: Mobile
Leaders: The Four Horsemen (War, Famine, Pestilence, Death)
These two guys fall under the same heading… mostly because- while they are opposing sides- they both have the same long-term goal: Armageddon isn’t over, it’s just half-time. They’re gathering like-minded Celestials and Infernals to attempt to rout the other side, and they don’t care who’s in the way.

GM’s Note: Both sides are being manipulated by the Four Horsemen. See, the Big Four are otherworldly soldiers of Fortune, and mercs without work are a waste of space… so they’ve found a way to keep themselves employed by poking and prodding the more belligerent segments of Angels, Demons, and even Humanity (See the GM’s section under “Humanity’s Legion”) to fight whenever possible. Be it subtle sabotage or outright terrorism, the Horsemen won’t stop ’till their appetite for conflict is sated.


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