Rules Cannibal: Demon Dice

So, if you’ve never heard of Demon Hunter: Comedy of Terrors, it’s an RPG system based on a mashup of Cortex+ and Fate Accelerated; the setting takes place the Horror-Comedy pair of movies by Dead Gentlemen Productions. I’ve used it for an Original Setting One-Shot where our intrepid demon hunters (A Smart-Mouthed Paladin, a Shamanistic Stoner, and Old Man Henderson) fought LARPers that had sold their souls to a demon known as, “THAT GUY!!!” in order to carry out a crazy Crossover-Deathmatch fantasy of theirs. Long story short, it ended with THAT GUY!!! getting jousted to oblivion by the Sassy Paladin riding a Twice-Blessed Yak.

But anyhow, there’s a really fun mechanic in there that I decided to cannibalize for Savage Worlds called, “Demon Dice.” In Demon Hunter, you can choose to add up to three Demon Dice (which are d6s) to your roll. Here’s the catch, though… Not only does the GM get them to use for their own personal shenanigans later, but if they come up a 1 bad things will happen to you. You might still succeed at whatever you’re trying to do, but that doesn’t make the badness go away (and you better pray that all three of them don’t come up 1s).

So here’s my brief write-up for a Savage Worlds equivalent. There’s probably a way to incorporate this into other genres, but , “As-Is?” This would be right at home in a horror setting where the risk of temptation is something you want to explore.

**Demon Dice**
If you don’t want to Spend your Bennies for Re-Rolling, or you want to up the carnage on some damage (assuming you’re using Blood and Guts), you can opt to use a Demon Die. This die adds 1d6 to your roll, which can Ace as normal (and also prevents any ‘roll a 1’ effects you might otherwise incur… though see below). However, there’s a few catches.
-The GM gets a Free draw from the Benny Pile
-You can no longer spend Bennies on the roll. Once you choose to roll one of these puppies, you’re stuck with whatever results you get.
-If you roll a, ‘1’ on the Demon Die… Even if you succeed on the roll, something bad is gonna happen. Whatever sick and twisted punishment you get is completely up to the GM. Maybe he gets an extra Benny, or maybe you leave yourself open to a counter-attack when you clunk someone. Whatever it is, that’s the price you pay for succumbing to temptation…