Equilibrium, Chapter 1: Introduction

Allrighty, so here’s the first Chapter of one of the PPCs I’ve been working on. The premise behind this one is that God and Satan got offed in the Final Battle, so now Humans, Angels, and Demons have to learn to live together in a Post-Armageddon world. I’m thinking I’ll make two campaigns for this setting… One closer to the end of Armageddon, and one that takes place after things get vaguely settled down.


The End of Days had started. All sorts of strange phenomena had occurred. Angels and Demons started slugging it out on Earth.

The Four Horsemen- a pack of supernatural sellswords- started wreaking havoc on behalf of both sides of the war.

Two thirds of the world’s natural resources were obliterated in the Meteor Shower that has since been dubbed, “The Wormwood Incident.”

Terrifying creatures started appearing from said fallen Meteorites, amongst other places, and sadistically torturing or slaying anyone they could find.

Men and Women were picking sides in the war. Some were for God and the Angels, and some allied themselves with Satan and the Demons, while still others made a futile attempt to fight both sides or attempt diplomatic relations (with all attempts either being undermined or just failing horribly).

Then, finally, came the Battle of Armageddon. Two mighty armies of great strength and fury, fighting to the death.

Next thing you know, Jehovah and the Usurper made their presences known and started to exchange blows. The clashing of steel, the collision of fists, the fireworks of holy and unholy energy… it was a sight to behold for anyone spectating. But before either of them could gain the upper hand, there was a massive explosion at the heart of the battle. It was later discovered that a radical group known as Humanity’s Legion had hijacked and deployed an experimental nuke where God and Satan had been battling. The leaders of both armies and their front-line soldiers had been miraculously atomized during the event, with nothing resembling an adequate chain of command left remaining in either side.

After the event now known as Equilibrium, everyone had to let things sink in… Humans never got their promised rewards, and the remaining soldiers of both Heaven and Hell were without leaders and without purpose. They realized that the groups had one thing in common:

They all now have to learn to live in a world that has been scorched, ravaged, and irradiated by their own hands.


Why I’m doing this, and How Things will Look

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room. Dave… why on Earth are you publishing this stuff for everyone to see? Shouldn’t you be GMing these settings or something?

That’s actually a good question. I’ll answer it as best as I can.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for games and Character Concepts that run through my head. Sadly, I don’t have enough time or energy to play or run every single one of them. So, instead of letting the ideas go to waste, I’ll post them in the hopes that someone else will be willing and able to take them for a run. Optimistically, they’ll also tell me how well or how horribly things went, and offer constructive criticism that I can then use to refine my technique as someone who enjoys telling stories.

Take this as my official request: If you run any of these games, give me as much input as you can.

With that out of the way… Here’s how the formatting of these puppies will go:

“Introduction” – This, ‘chapter’ will give a quick summary of the world that you’re going to be unleashing on your players.

“Character Creation” – This one will deal with how you create your character. For hopefully obvious reasons, I’m not going to be doing a crap-ton of copypasta from the books. I’ll post original content, yes, but you’re gonna have to get your own dang copies of the books.

“Setting Rules” – This is where any special setting rules come into play. Is there a special way your Player Characters can earn Bennies? Do you have special rules for Character Death? This is where you’ll find how those things go.

“Faces and Places” – This section will deal with the Big Names- whether they be factions, people, or both- as well as the various locations that the players will encounter as they run amuck in the world.

“Plot Points” – This will be the meat of each Campaign, naturally. I’ll explain when each Plot Point should be run, because no one likes a disjointed plot.

“Savage Tales” – This is the Side-Quest section. When the GM needs a mission that both fleshes out the world and gives his players some stuff to shoot at, this will be where you need to go.

“Bestiary” – It wouldn’t be much of a game without a Monster Manual. This is where you’ll find templates for various enemies, both mundane and monstrous, that your players can encounter (…or even become).